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ABOUT US was created in 2004 by Chris Theisen and John Boardman, two grade school friends that grew up together just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The site was established for the purpose of offering behavior management tips and parenting advice to frustrated parents looking for solutions to their children's negative and/or challenging behavior.

You'll find exclusive parenting products and child discipline tools throughout this site along with a variety of helpful parenting articles, behavior management tips, discipline advice, and a whole lot more.

So, if you are dealing with teen issues, behavior problems, an unruly child, or if you simply want to provide more effective discipline for your child or teen then ParentCoach is the place to be! We hope you enjoy our site!

Chris Theisen and John Boardman
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Welcome to the Home of The Parent Coach Plan!
  • Are you struggling with a defiant or difficult child?
  • Has discipline become a full-time job in your home?
  • Are you looking for answers to your child's behavior problems?

  • The Parent Coach Plan is an in-home behavior management program for parents who are looking to provide more structure, consistency, and fairness with regards to child discipline.

    Along with our unique collection of behavior management products, we also offer a whole host of original content related to parenting, behavior management, and child discipline. Our free parenting tools and informative articles are definitely worth checking out!

    It's our hope that the information, advice, and tips that we present here will help make a positive impact in the lives of the parents and children that utilize our site.

    Struggling Teen Help

    Our mission is to help parents master the art of child and teen discipline. We hope to empower parents and improve the behavior of their children through the use of our website and through the implementation of our unique and proven child discipline products.
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    Parenting and Discipline: Information, Tips, and Advice for Parents

    Free information and advice related to parenting and child discipline. Learn valuable parenting tips and find ways to improve your discipline skills.

    Causes of Misbehavior
    Is your child acting out as a result of biological, psychological, or environmental causes?

    Promoting Education
    A list of ways to support your child in his or her education. Become involved by using these tips.

    Reminders From Your Child
    Parenting advice as though it came straight from the mouth of your child.

    Parenting Styles
    What is your parenting style and how will your child likely respond to it?

    Parenting Tips
    Useful tips that improve your parenting skills and teach better communication.

    Running a Family Meeting
    Tips and advice for running an effective family meeting. Agenda ideas and rule suggestions.

    Raising a Street Safe Child
    Keep your child safe by reviewing these important safety tips.

    Common Parenting Mistakes
    Learn what NOT to do while parenting your child. Tips to avoid.

    Glossary of Discipline Terms
    Definitions of various terms related to child discipline.

    Parenting Humor
    Jokes and comics related to parenting and discipline.

    Parenting Advice
    Advice to parent by and The Parent Coach Plan's philosophy.

    Dysfunctional Parenting Styles
    Are you a dysfunctional parent? See if your parenting style needs changing!!

    Causes of Negative Behavior
    What causes or influences your child's negative behavior?

    Online Dating Tips for Single Moms
    Insights and advice for online daters.
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