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What Others Have Said About THE PARENT COACH PLAN!

"The Parent Coach Plan is the most complete gathering of practical child behavior and discipline resources I've ever seen. Full of lists, tips, doable ideas, and valuable info, I highly recommend Chris Theisen's work as a fantastic tool for parents who want to build the best possible relationship with their child -- from toddlers all the way up through the teen years."
~ Erin Brown Conroy, M.A.

"The Parent Coach Plan written by Chris Theisen is a fantastic resource for parents and educators alike. Easy to use forms are included that enable the parent to determine areas of concern for their children and appropriate goals to address these concerns."
~ Julie A. Krejci, M.A., L.P.C., N.C.C.

"Over my many years as a school social worker I have seen any number of parenting programs. By far I truly like this one above the others. It is visual, streamlined, and straightforward. I am very excited about putting it into use. "
~ Carla Haas

"We had a tough time this summer with a death in the family and other situations - our son was getting out of control (6 years old). This program gave him accountability to make the choice of how he would act - and that would result in rewards or restrictions. We love that it has reduced 90% of the yelling that we did! Its so much more peaceful at our house as we have rules - he loses points, he loses "fun" - he earns points, he earns fun. Its all on him! What a relief for us as parents! Its just the structure we needed to create boundaries and a positive family environment. Ahh...thank you!"
~ Donna Galanti

"I am a newly single parent due to the sudden death of my husband 4 months ago. I have two boys ages 12 and 14 and through the pain of adjusting to this new way of life this couldn't have come at a better time. I need all the help and resources I can find and this has given me ALL, and then some, of the tools and tips needed to get through all of this. My mind is going a million miles a minute in a million different directions and this offers tips with care and compassion and in a perfect way to settle my mind and allow me to focus on what is important. And what is important is being the best mom, and the best person I can be and thanks to the Parent Coach Plan this has become a much easier task. Thank You from the bottom of my heart."
~ Missie Charon

"As a Counselor in a NPS school I am always looking for quick & easy interventions to use with students, teachers & parents. I have finally found what I have been looking for with the Parent Coach Plan. It has some amazing interventions & ideas that have made awesome improvement both in the classroom & at home. The book is filled with user friendly tools which help parenting & teaching be much more manageable once these interventions/techniques are implemented. Thanks a million for all the great insight/tools/techniques. It has helped my students, teachers & parents 110%. Please keep the materials coming."
~ A. Golchuk, M.A. - Beaumont, California

Thank you! We've been using your program for three weeks now. We are already seeing results. The ripple effect has been amazing too! I just had a meeting with my son's school. They wondered what had been switched in him because he's improving there too!!!! I can't thank you enough.
~ Samantha Bachechi - Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I am a crisis counselor I work with both the children and their parents. I really enjoyed using the Parent Coach plan with my families. My parents found it very easy to understand and easy to implement in their homes."
~ Shanella Arnett - Sulphur, Louisiana

"The Parent Coach Plan is AWESOME! My son was being discharged from the hospital and we needed to put an action plan in place so we did not fall into the same inconsistent patterns that we now knew weren't working. When I found the website I was so excited because it mimicked the plan he was now used to at the hospital and had the tools to help us and gave us a place to start! Thank you!"
~ Shelly Shannon. - Mahwah, New Jersey

"This is a wonderful program, easy to understand and implement. Everyone with a difficult child with behavior problems will find everything so useful. I loved the coping skills, I've taught the self-soothing behaviors to my child and she seems better able to control her emotions now, screams at me less. I love this program."
~ Maggie Whitehead - Umatilla, Florida

"I found The Parent Coach Plan to be a highly effective tool for parents at any stage who would like to implement more structure and control with their children. Parents can refer to the plan and address issues in a calm, well prepared, and confident manner. "
~ J. Spigelmire - Juvenile Probation Officer (Phoenix, Arizona)

"I think every family should have this program, it has done wonders for mine. My children have been through a lot each in their own way. This program has not only been helpful as far as behavior, but helps open communication, self-esteem and confidence and so forth. I think it is also wonderful for learning parents too."
~ Debra Bell - Smithfield, North Carolina

"Learning and implementing effective discipline techniques is something many parents are concerned with. As a practitioner, I want to be able to supply parents with comprehensive information, and tools that are easy to apply. Mr. Theisen has provided all of the critical components involved in teaching and learning positive discipline in his Parent Coach Plan."
~ Parenting Coach Joan French, M.A, NCC

"Everything was wonderful and very helpful. Every parent should get a copy!"
~ Tara Stevens - Sault Ste Marie, Michigan

What Others Have Said About OUR WEBSITE!

"I want to commend you on having one of the best Parenting websites I've seen in several years. I'm a psychotherapist full time and conduct parenting workshops and seminars in the Chicagoland area. At the conclusion of my workshop I hand out a list of several well regarded websites to each participant. Over the past five years I have not seen a more user friendly parenting website that really delivers suggestions and strategies that a parent can immediately use and see results fairly quickly! I'm glad I've found your site."
~ James Gilligan, MSW,LSW - Parenting Consultant

"These worksheets were not only helpful for my own children at home, but also at work as a children's therapist. I utilize many ideas with the parents I work with, and your website is a great resource for them."
~ Beth Long - Claremore, Oklahoma

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