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BRIGHTON, COLORADO- Chris Theisen, a former Youth Treatment Counselor, announces the public release of The Parent Coach Plan, an in-home parenting program that helps parents provide quality discipline for their children. The program emphasizes a system of discipline consistent with the effective methods used in treatment centers catering to children and adolescents with behavior problems.

"I wanted to design a simple program that parents could use in their own homes, one that would mimic the effective program that was implemented in the treatment facility where I worked," says Mr. Theisen, "The response has been overwhelmingly positive."

The program utilizes a simple format that helps parents instill a high level of structure and consistency for their children - two qualities that are essential for effective discipline.

Each child is given a set of behavioral goals to work towards, detailing the specific steps that are necessary to meet each goal. There are three categories of goals that each child must work on: general goals, specific goals, and social skills/character traits. Parents monitor behavior on a point sheet then track progress on a specially designed calendar. Predetermined rewards and consequences are then earned by the child based on an included behavior contract (completed by the parents and child before the program is implemented).

According to Mr. Theisen, The Parent Coach Plan has a customer base that includes many types of caregivers. "We get orders from foster parents, adoptive parents, counselors, and even Family Preservation Specialists. We've even had a Social Services Department in Maryland purchase a large quantity to use with their families," he says.

"I am a crisis counselor (and) work with both children and their parents," says user Shanella Arnett, "I really enjoy using The Parent Coach Plan with my families. (The) parents found it very easy to understand and easy to implement in their homes."

The Parent Coach Plan is available for purchase at, and includes a FREE downloadable Behavior Management Package made up of behavior contracts, behavior charts, and a token economy system called "Behavior Bucks." The website also offers a generous supply of parenting tools and information that parents will certainly find useful.

For more information, visit, or contact Chris Theisen at Discounts are offered on bulk orders.

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