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Answer the questions below then find out how "connected" you are to your child by comparing your answers to those of your child.

1. Without looking, could you describe what your child is wearing at this very moment (clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc.)?

2. What is the last movie your child saw in the theater? What was his or her opinion of the movie?

3. Name at least one item that you would find under your child's bed.

4. What topic is your child currently studying in (choose one) science, history, or social studies?

5. When was the last time your child cried? Why?

6. What would your child say he or she is most stressed about at this time?

7. What is your child's favorite subject in school?

8. If you gave your child $20 right now, and 24 hours to spend it, how would he or she spend it?

9. What would your child say was the best moment of his or her life?

10. What is the LAST name of your child's best friend? What are the names of his or her parents?

11. What is your child's most prized possession?

12. How many pairs of shoes (all types) does your child own?

13. Name one item that your child always carries with him/her.

14. Name at least one unique physical marking on your child (a scar, birthmark, etc.)

15. What is your child's favorite pizza topping?

16. Name two foods that your child absolutely can't stand.

17. What color is your child's toothbrush?

18. Check the answer that you think your child would prefer:

  Creamy peanut butter
  Chunky peanut butter
  Eating at McDonald's
  Eating at Subway
  Playing hide-and-go-seek
  Playing a board game
  Scrambled eggs
  Sunny-side up eggs
  A pet iguana
  A pet hamster
  Snickers (candy bar)
  Skittles (candy)
  Italian food
  Mexican food
  Going swimming
  Going bowling
  Art class
  Gym class

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