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Chart Behavior Program Behavior Chart System

Purchase our exclusive "Parenting Tools Package" and you'll be on your way to a more joyful and satisfying parenting experience!

Our behavior contracts, behavior charts, and other highly-effective parenting tools will help transform you into a more confident, effective, and connected parent... and your child is sure to appreciate this change.

Please check out all that we have to offer. We think you'll love our downloads and appreciate our highly affordable one-time price.

Included in the Parenting Tools Package are the following downloads:
  • 30 Days of Character
    • Daily "Character Education" worksheet for children and/or teens.
    • 30 character traits to learn, review, and practice.
    • Promotes positive behavior and offers valuable insight.

  • Parenting Tool Box
    • 10 original parenting tools in one convenient package!
    • Can be used individually or in conjunction with other tools.
    • Includes charts, worksheets, intervention ideas, and much more!

  • Feelings Journal
    • 18 journal pages that address various feelings.
    • Helps children to identify and manage various emotions.
    • Each journal page addresses a different feeling.

  • Behavior Plan for Home
    • Exclusive 9-page behavior improvement plan for children and/or teens.
    • Worksheets are completed by the child or teen then shared with the parent(s).
    • Allows children to brainstorm their own solutions to various issues.

  • Parental Ponderings (Worksheets for Parents)
    • 17 worksheets that help parents explore their parenting style, goals, and more!
    • Worksheets give parents a unique perspective regarding various parenting topics.
    • Thought-provoking and designed for self-improvement.

  • Behavior Bucks
    • In-home token economy system that encourages positive behavior.
    • Fun to use and simple to implement.
    • Motivates children to help out and to take initiative around the house.

  • Expressions of Me (Therapeutic Worksheets for Children & Teens)
    • 74 original therapeutic worksheets for children and teens.
    • Addresses such topics as: character, self-esteem, feelings, coping-skills, and more!
    • Excellent tool for getting to know your child better.

  • Behavior Chart System
    • Helps to establish an in-home behavior management system.
    • Focused on improving behavior and eliminating or minimizing negative behavior.
    • Includes samples of charts and contract, as well as rewards/consequence ideas.

  • Behavior Contracts
    • 12 prewritten behavior contracts that establish clear expectations and firm limits.
    • Can be used with children and/or teens.
    • Responsibility, Respect, School, and Chores are only a few of the contracts offered.

  • "Create Your Own Contracts" App
    • Use our online "behavior contract generator" to create your own custom contracts.
    • Personalize behavior contracts to meet your child's unique needs.
    • Contracts can be saved, changed, and printed as needed.

Harness these parenting tools to lay the groundwork for a great relationship and positive discipline in your home, or use them to change the way you currently interact with your child(ren). Whatever your situation, you can take control of your family's future by investing in your child today. These remarkable parenting tools will help get you started!

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