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Parenting Products offers four unique "parenting packages," exclusively designed to assist parents with child discipline and/or behavior management. Most of our products can be easily implemented shortly after purchase and can be used with more than one child... saving you time and money!

We proudly offer these effective parenting tools for the purpose of helping parents to establish firm, fair, consistent, and structured discipline for their children. We believe that, properly implemented, these products will have a positive impact on the families that use them.
Behavior Bucks
Our Products:


The Parent Coach Plan is an in-home behavior program that helps parents develop a firm, fair, consistent, and structured discipline regimen for their children.

This is about as close as it gets to an instruction manual for children. Consider it a "Cliff Notes" on parenting. At only 50 (or so) pages, it is a quick read and full of information, advice, and tips related to child behavior management. Along with the behavior program, the book also includes a section of useful parenting tools and a brief overview of various coping-skills (for children).

Parents that purchase The Parent Coach Plan also receive a FREE download of The Behavior Management Package (see below).

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This quick and easy downloadable package consists of 5 unique parenting downloads in one convenient package. Included in The Behavior Management Package are a set of eight (8)unique behavior contracts, an impressive and easy to use behavior chart, a set of our highly-motivating Behavior Bucks, a monthly chore chart, and a customizable behavior agreement.

Use any tool (or combination of tools) to promote positive behavior from your child. With the Behavior Management Package, child discipline is simple, effective, and maybe even a little bit of fun!

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Our Classroom Management Plan provides a little extra ammunition for those teachers out there that are struggling with a classroom full of rambunctious students. You know who you are! This downloadable plan also includes a student behavior contract plus a few extra bonuses designed to make things easier for teachers.

Step into the classroom tomorrow with a little more confidence!

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Tame your troublesome teen with this unique package of teen contracts and tools. Our Teen Discipline Package consists of behavior contracts for teens, a discipline program, and an exclusive set of parenting tools designed for teens. If you are struggling with a difficult teen, then look no further... this is the package for you!

Our set of prewritten behavior contracts includes ten (10) unique contracts covering teen-related topics such as dating, driving, cell phone usage, attitude, school, and more.

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Get a dozen of the web's most unique parenting tools... all in one package! Too many to describe in this short description... our Parenting Downloads Package consists of therapeutic worksheets, behavior contracts, parenting worksheets, intervention ideas, behavior charts, and much more. Parents can even utilize our "Create a Contract" tool to customize their child's own behavior contract. This site offers a smorgasbord of parenting and discipline tools... all in one place!

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Customize a contract to deal with that adult child of yours who has just returned to the nest! This contract addresses issues such as: financial responsibilities, shared resources, chores, rules, expectations, guests, and much more. Try our Boomerang Kids Contract... you'll be glad you did!

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Teen Behavior Contracts

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