Qualities of a Well-Rounded Child

Here’s a list of qualities that I feel best describes a well-rounded child:

He or she is able to embrace and appreciate “alone time.”

This is a valuable skill that is possessed by less and less children these days.

He or she is able to delay gratification.

In other words: Child is patient!

He or she is able to see both sides of an issue.

This is a special “skill” that many adults lack!

He or she appreciates and has a respect for diversity.

Child is not bothered in the least bit by people that are “different” than him.

He or she is vigilant.

Child is aware of his or her surroundings and is alert to potential safety issues and/or concerns. He or she is observant.

He or she knows when to “drop it.”

Sometimes arguments just aren’t worth the time and effort that goes into having them. A well-rounded child knows when to drop the issue and how to bow out gracefully.

He or she is appreciative.

“Thank you” is not something that goes unsaid. He or she shows his appreciation when appropriate…and that appreciation appears to be genuine.

He or she is able and willing to put others first.

This one is self-explanatory…and well-rounded children do this without being asked.

He or she is optimistic.

Instead of dwelling on the negatives, this child looks “at the bright side” of any given situation. He keeps things positive and refrains from negativity.

He or she learns from his mistakes.

Enough said.

He or she takes responsibility for his actions.

Rather than making up silly excuses and/or blaming others, this child takes full responsibility for his actions and accepts any repercussions that might result.

He or she takes good care of his mind and his body.

This child eats healthy while keeping junk food to a minimum. He or she reads and seems to enjoy learning.  Child avoids harmful substances such as tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.  He or she gets regular exercise and possibly even plays a sport.  Child might even play an instrument or participate in a school club.

He or she does things in moderation.

Video games don’t rule his day. An endless barrage of sweets isn’t necessary in order for him to make it through the day.  He spends time doing a variety of activities…with a variety of friends. He is able to put his mobile device away for an hour or two at a time without going spastic!  You get the idea!

…and, most importantly, he or she is considerate towards others!

Can you think of any other qualities that well-rounded children possess?