Sailing The 7 C’s of Successful Parenting

Successful Parenting: The 7 C’s

Have you ever wondered about the qualities that go into making a parent successful? I have. I’ve also noticed that most of them begin with the letter “C.” So with no further adieu, here are my “7 C’s of Successful Parenting”:

1. Consistency = Maintaining a specific standard or being able to repeat a certain task with little variation.

Consistency begets predictability…and that is good for children. It establishes expectations based on the child’s behavior. Irregular rewards and consequences can be confusing and ineffective. Unpredictable responses to a child’s behavior can also be quite perplexing for that child.

2. Connectedness = Being joined or linked firmly together (either physically or emotionally).

This refers to the bond or connection that exists between a parent and his or her child. Spending quality time with your child, while getting to know him or her, is essential to becoming connected. A strong bond will foster a sense of mutual respect which leads to happier parents and better-adjusted children.

3. Communication = The exchange of information between individuals.

Communication involves a shared understanding of each other. Effective communication is essential to successful parenting. Children often have a lot to say and it is the parent’s job to listen and to respond appropriately. Putting up walls or refusing to discuss certain matters will only cause later issues. Be welcoming to your child and willing to discuss important matters without criticism or rejection.

4. Confidence = A belief in one’s own abilities.

Confidence is power. It can also determine whether or not it is the parent or the child that is in control. Children respond better to confident parents as opposed to their self-doubting or uncertain counterparts. Stand firm, speak assertively, and know that you are doing what is best for your child.

5. Common-sense = The ability to make rational decisions and use good judgment.

You either have it or you don’t. If you don’t, then it might be wise to seek the advice of someone who does. If you do, then it’s imperative that you use it! Be logical, not emotional, when parenting.

6. Consequences = The outcome of our actions or behavior.

Consequences can either be negative or positive. Choose consequences that are logical and fair, not just easy and/or convenient. Effective consequences are the foundation of effective discipline…and the consequences you choose will likely have a big impact on your child’s future behavior.

7. Composure = Having a calm and stable control over one’s emotions.

Out-of-control parents typically raise out-of-control children. Yelling and screaming at a child is about as effective as giving them directions in a foreign language. Keep calm and collected, even when things get rough.

So there they are…any others you would add?