Results of Teen Discipline 101’s Parenting Poll

Teen Discipline 101 has been conducting a poll on its home page that asks the following question…

As a parent, what is the most difficult issue you have had to deal with so far?

The options that were given included the following (keep in mind that this list was intended for the parents of teenagers, not of younger children):

Anger issues
Negative attitude
Substance use
Problems at school
Hanging with the wrong crowd
Sexual promiscuity
Mental Health Issues
Eating disorder

The results from this poll are certainly far from scientific. These results only serve to show what visitors to deemed to be their biggest parenting concerns. At the time of this writing, there were 374 poll-takers which resulted in the following percentages:

Negative attitude 28.1%
Anger issues 24.3%
Problems at school 13.4%
Hanging with the wrong crowd 10.2%
Sexual promiscuity 7.5%
Substance use 5.1%
Mental health issues 4.8%
Other 2.7%
Law-breaking 2.7%
Eating disorder 1.3%

“Negative Attitude” and “Anger Issues” comprised over half of the votes in this poll, while “Eating Disorder” was the least-chosen issue at only 1.3%. 1 out of every 20 parents reported “Substance Use” as being their biggest issue.

Do any of these results surprise you or are they about what you would expect?