8 Printable Behavior Contracts Available Now for Download!

The Behavior Management Package (offered at ParentCoachPlan.com) consists of 8 pre-written, printable behavior contracts designed to be used with children and/or teens to decrease negative behavior while increasing positive behavior.

The package also consists of a Behavior-Improvement Chart, “Behavior Bucks” (token economy system) and two additional parenting tools.  The “meat-and-potatoes” of the package, however, are the 8 behavior contracts.

Below is a description of the eight individual contracts that are included in the package:

1. “Following Directions” Contract

This contract explains the concept of following directions and accepting limits.  “Non-compliant” behaviors such as foot-stomping, arguing, bargaining, complaining, and so on, are addressed.

2. “Respect” Contract

This contract sets expectations regarding respectful behavior.  Children will learn to respect themselves and others…as well as property, people’s privacy, and the environment.

3. “Responsibility” Contract

This contract lists the behaviors that are expected with regards to being responsible.  Children will learn to take responsibility for their actions, to take initiative, and to help around the house.  They will also learn about other responsibilities.

4. “Safety” Contract

With this contract, children are expected to disengage from dangerous, aggressive, and careless behaviors and to find safe alternatives. 

5. “Academics/School” Contract

This student contract teaches the responsibilities that go along with being a student.  Children are expected to show up on time, prepared, and ready to work.  This contract also addresses issues such as getting homework done, getting along with classmates, and treating the teacher and school property with respect.

6. “Character” Contract

This behavior contract covers a variety of character-related behaviors.

7. “Emotional Management” Contract

This contract addresses the issue of managing one’s emotions and not letting them take charge.  It suggests a variety of coping skills that can be used and it also gives alternatives to negative or aggressive behavior when one is angry or dealing with other unpleasant feelings.

8. “Specific Behaviors” Contract

This contract is more of a checklist that addresses specific behaviors such as tattling, disrupting, whining, and such.

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