How I Almost Killed My Daughter…By Accident

daughterOkay, so here it is…a list of 7 ways in which I almost killed my daughter. If not for her resilience, my experience as a father may not have lasted past the first year. So glad she survived the errors of my ways!

With that being said, here’s my list:

  1. Didn’t slice a hot dog small enough when she was a toddler and she almost choked.
  2. Backed out of the garage and almost hit her, not realizing she had come out of the house to say goodbye.
  3. Didn’t put the “gate” up at the top of the stairs because I figured she was old enough to not try to navigate the stairs on her own. I was wrong.
  4. When she was one year-old I left her in a room for about 10 minutes…and in that room was a bag of packing peanuts that was within her reach. Fortunately, she had no interest in that bag!
  5. When she was an infant, I set her on a table at a restaurant (in her car seat) and forgot to stabilize it. She fell about 4’ off the table…face down. She was startled, but in better shape than me. Thank goodness she was still buckled in!
  6. Allowed her to play with Lego’s…way before I should have.
  7. Almost got into a car accident because I was too busy “appreciating her cuteness” in the rearview mirror.
  8. When she was in middle school I joined her and her friends during a dance party at our house. She almost died…of embarrassment!

This isn’t really something I did, but she once had a diaper that was so bad…it quite possibly could have killed her if I hadn’t changed it when I did.

So there you have it! I’ve confessed…and I feel much better now!