Quick question…

Are you a frustrated parent looking for a simple and effective way to address your child’s mild to moderate behavior issues? 

Fact is:
Parenting is tough – and there’s no instruction manual or parenting guide that tells us what to do when faced with some of the more challenging behaviors that we parents seem to have to deal with on a regular basis.

parent coach plan book

…or maybe there IS there such a manual!
The Parent Coach Plan is an in-home behavior chart that could actually be described as more of a child discipline program – since it goes a step or two beyond what a typical behavior chart offers.

The Parent Coach Plan is more than just a behavior chart!
It is an exceptional and easy-to-use parenting tool that fosters positive discipline by helping parents to establish firm limits and clear expectations in their own homes.  With The Parent Coach Plan in place, parents can begin to manage their child’s behavior in a firm, fair, consistent, and structured manner.  This, of course, is a recipe for success!

Positive parenting and positive behavior go hand-in-hand!
Sure, there are exceptions – but positive parenting is a great foundation to build around…and this exclusive behavior chart system is just the tool you need to get that ball rolling!

What makes this behavior chart so special?

  • It’s goal-oriented.
    This means that your child or teen will have specific goals that he or she will work towards.
  • It’s customizable.
    Adjust the behavioral goals as necessary to reflect the needs of your child or teen.
  • It’s easy to implement.
    You’ll be ready to implement this behavior chart system shortly after purchase.
  • It’s effective.
    Modeled after the proven behavior systems used in residential treatment centers for kids.
  • It’s available immediately.
    Purchase our downloadable version and get started right away after your purchase!
  • It’s more affordable than treatment.
    Costs less than a 30-minute session with most licensed therapists!
  • It includes a FREE set of behavior contracts and other parenting tools!
    Download a FREE copy of our Behavior Management Package with each purchase!
parenting program

Again, this is so much more than just a behavior chart!  The Parent Coach Plan is broken up into four different sections:

Section 1The Behavior Program (Behavior Chart System)
Section 2Parenting Information and Reference
Section 3Coping Skills (to teach your child)
Section 4Printable Parenting Tools

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Our Message to You…
As parents ourselves, we know how challenging it can be to navigate all the ups and downs that go along with the job of parenting.  Whether you are struggling with minor issues or major challenges – we believe this behavior program will set you in the right direction – on a path that can and should lead to better behavior and an improved parent-child relationship.

Visiting our site is the first step towards finding the answer to our initial question.  Parenting is indeed tough – but it shouldn’t have to be.  We hope you give us a try!