Chore Chart for Kids: Try Our FREE One!

FREE Chore Chart for Kids

Please note:  At the end of this article is a free downloadable chore chart that can be printed off and used with your kids immediately!

Looking for a chore chart for your kids?  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  Feel free to print and use our free kids’ chore chart to track and monitor your child’s household chores.

Why use a chore chart?

Chore charts clarify expectations, motivate children, and they help parents to keep track of what was done and when.  Kids love them because they feel a sense of accomplishment once their tasks are completed.  Also, many parents offer small rewards or bonuses to their kids once those chores are completed…and we all know how much kids love rewards!

When should my kids start using a chore chart?

Kids as young as 3 years-old can begin to help around the house.  They can begin with simple tasks such as putting toys away or helping to set the table.  At this young age, kids actually want to help – and they feel a great sense of accomplishment afterwards (especially when praised!).

How many chores should I include on my kids’ chore chart?

The number of chores should be compatible with the child’s age.  Younger kids might have two or three chores to do each day while an older child or teen might have additional chores and responsibilities to take on.

What about a chore that doesn’t need to be done every day?

An easy solution to this is to have a chart that lists “daily chores” as well as a “weekly chore” (or two).  Clearly, your kids won’t need to complete certain chores every single day…maybe only once every-other-day or once per week.  Mark these chores accordingly on your kids’ chart. 

How should I reward my child when he/she completes his chores?

This is a difficult question because it clearly depends on the age of the child.  Younger kids should be rewarded more frequently (with smaller rewards) while older kids can wait to receive their rewards at the end of the week.  Rewards should also be consistent with how well and how often the chore was completed.

What is the difference between a chore chart and a behavior chart?

Chore charts track chores only while behavior charts track a variety of other behaviors (which could include chores). 

Other points and tips:

  • To add a little fun, make a chore chart for yourself so that your kids can see their parent working hard as well!
  • Post the chore chart in a highly visible spot in the home so it serves as a reminder as to what needs to be done each day.
  • Compliment your kids regularly when they complete their tasks…this can be just as motivating as the “reward” they are working for.
  • For older kids, tie allowance into the completion of their chore chart.  The better they do with their chores, the more allowance they get.

Click on the thumbnail to print your own “kids chore chart.”  Fill it in and you’re ready to go!

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