Foster Parent Training

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Foster parent training is a valuable and much needed resource that offers many benefits to those who utilize it. Foster parents can learn a wealth of information during these trainings that simply can’t be found anywhere else. Without such training, foster children would be at even greater risk and their “road to a better life” might be even bumpier than it started out.

Most Social Services Departments now require potential foster parents to attend some sort of orientation and/or training in order to be considered for such an important role. These trainings typically cover such topics as “Child Abuse Awareness,” “Behavior Management,” “Navigating the Child Welfare System,” “Recognizing and Helping Children with Learning Disorders,” and much more. Along with these topics (and many others) are specific trainings that cover particular mental health issues and behavior disorders often seen among foster children, such as ADHD, bipolar disorder, reactive-attachment disorder, autism, and oppositional-defiant disorder.

How can we help?

We (Complete Parenting Solutions) offer an exclusive behavior management program called The Parent Coach Plan. The Parent Coach Plan is a valuable parenting tool that could easily benefit foster parents by offering them an in-home behavior plan which helps to establish firm, fair, consistent, and structured discipline. With these basic elements in place, foster parents are sure to see improvements in the behavior of their foster child (or children).

The Parent Coach Plan is modeled after the highly-structured behavioral programs that are used in most child treatment centers throughout the nation…the only difference is that the program has been modified for use in the family home.


Though The Parent Coach Plan was initially created for use by parents, we have had a growing number of social services departments purchase in bulk so that they can use this program for foster parent training. We think it’s an excellent idea and we hope you consider it for this purpose as well.