“Family Rules” Suggestions for Parents

Ashley 7Though many families have “unwritten” family rules, it never hurts to have them posted in a place where all family members can see them.  Family rules should be clear, specific, and stated in the positive (try to avoid too many “no’s”).

Trying to come up with a list of family rules?  Here are some suggestions to start out with:

1.  Homework must be finished before…(playing with friends, watching TV, going outside, etc.)

2.  Dessert will be served after you have eaten (1/2, 2/3, all) of your meal.

3.  Dirty laundry belongs only in the hamper.

4.  Your bedroom must be kept presentable at all times.

5.  Food is to be kept out of…(the TV room, your bedroom, the basement, the car, etc.)

6.  Everyone needs to be on time for dinner.

7.  Shoes must be worn outside at all times.

8.  Voice levels must be kept reasonable while inside.

9.  Chores must be completed before…(dinner, bedtime, TV, playing, etc.)

10.  Showers/baths must be taken…every day, every two days, three times per week, etc.)

11.  Shoes need to be kept off of the furniture.

12.  Electronic devices are to be turned off (or kept away from) the dinner table.

13.  Appropriate language is to be used at all times.

14.  Hands must be washed after using the bathroom and before meals.

15.  Trash belongs in the trash can.

16.  Clean up after yourself.

17.  Avoid being wasteful (use only what you need, re-use things when possible, recycle, etc.).

18.  Get permission before having friends over.

19.  Knock before entering a closed door (especially if you know that someone is in there).

20.  Treat other family members with respect.

21.  If you disagree with a limit (or with a direction that has been given to you) then do so calmly and without whining, arguing, bargaining, complaining, or being rude. You will only be listened to if you state your disagreement calmly (though this doesn’t mean the limit or direction will necessarily change).

22.  Only interrupt a parent that is on the phone if there is an emergency that can’t wait.

23.  Refrain from dangerous, careless, aggressive, and/or risky behavior.

24.  Brush your teeth (once, twice) per day.

25.  Wear clothes that are appropriate for the circumstances and the weather.

These 25 family rules should get you off to a great start.  Perhaps a family meeting is in order…and during that time you could discuss these potential family rules and even discuss the consequences that should be expected for violating them.

If you’d like to take things a step further and actually put into place a child behavior program then please visit www.ParentCoachPlan.com for more information.