Daily List of Things to Do

Wake up with a smile
If you’re going to start the day out right, then start it out right! Wake up with a smile and let that smile endure throughout the day!

Tell your kids you love them
…and while you’re at it, tell them WHY you love them! Your children can never hear “I love you” too many times!

Drink plenty of water
Re-hydrate yourself regularly…you’ll look and feel better!

Smile at a stranger
Why? Why not? Smiling is contagious. Give one and you just might receive one in return.

Call someone just to say HI!
Catch up with an old pal or simply call a friend or relative.

Do something to make someone’s day
Leave a note, pay for lunch, help someone out, bring treats…whatever it takes!

Compliment someone
It just might be the only nice thing that person hears all day.

Spend at least 30 minutes being active
Get up off that couch or away from that computer and BURN some calories!

Complete at least one chore
Get ‘er done!

“Lose” my phone for at least 1 hour
Cut your lifeline…an hour per day won’t kill you!

Do any of us actually do this as often as we should?

Put away at least 10 things
Hey, it all adds up to a consistently cleaner home!

Listen to music (at least 5 songs!)
A good inspirational song can do a lot to turn your day around…for the better!

Put a quarter (or dollar) in a “rainy day” jar
When that “rainy day” finally comes, you’ll be glad you did!

Remember that things could be worse
Sometimes we become so focused on the negative things going on in our lives that we forget just how lucky we really are.

Complain about one less thing
Save it for when it’s really necessary!


This concludes Daily List of Things to Do.