Creating and Using an Effective Behavior Chart

A well-designed behavior chart is a simple and effective parenting tool that can help to improve child behavior. When a child is rewarded for positive behavior then he or she is more likely to repeat that behavior.  Likewise, if a restriction or negative consequence is earned, then that child will do his or her best to avoid that behavior.

Creating an effective behavior chart is rather simple.  Here are a few steps to get you started:

1.  Decide which behaviors you would like for your child to start or stop.  A start behavior is one that you want your child to start displaying (such as using manners, completing a specific task/chore, or using a respectful voice-tone) while stop behaviors are those that you want your child to stop doing (such as cussing, arguing, interrupting, etc.).

2.  Make a list of about 4-5 behaviors that you would like for your child to work on each day.  Place this list of behaviors on your child’s behavior chart (the chart should consist of a column down the left-hand side of the page which includes the list of behaviors – then one space or checkbox for each day of the week (7 total) to the right of each listed behavior.

3.  Decide on the rewards and consequences that will be earned and write those at the bottom oof the behavior chart.  It is best to get input from your child as to what he or she will be motivated to work towards – or to avoid.

4.  Discuss the behavior chart with your child.  Use this time to explain the expectations of each behavior listed on the behavior chart.

5.  Put the behavior chart into effect.  Be firm, fair, and consistent while enforcing the behavior chart.

With an effective behavior chart in place, parents can set firm boundaries while establishing clear expectations for behavior.  It is a simple way to keep track of rules and expectations…as well as consequences and rewards.

If you are looking for a highly effective in-home behavior chart that improves child behavior – and takes things a step further than your typical behavior chart – then give The Parent Coach Plan a try!  It’s more than just a behavior chart – it’s a behavior program!