Parenting and Child Discipline…Simplified!

Providing discipline to a difficult child can be as challenging and frustrating as eating mashed potatoes with a pair of chop sticks. Successfully managing a child’s behavior problems requires a great deal of confidence, patience, understanding…and in many cases, a solid support system. It also helps to have the right tools.

That’s right…

Just like any good electrician, a quality parent must possess the correct set of tools in order to perform his or her job efficiently and effectively. Having the correct set of tools is especially significant when it comes to the discipline of a challenging child.

Choosing the “correct” form of discipline is a key challenge that many parents face each day. Yelling, begging, and threatening are ineffective strategies, spanking is rarely an appropriate method, and ignoring problem behaviors can sometimes cause more problems.

So, what can a parent like you do to encourage positive and appropriate behavior from your child?

You can establish structure and consistency in your home – along with discipline that is firm and fair. You can provide rewards that motivate and enforce consequences that teach. You can create an environment that makes your child feel loved and appreciated. You can develop an open line of communication with your child – one that is inviting and mutually respectful. But most important of all, you must keep your child safe.

How can a parent like you provide all of this?

You can begin by implementing The Parent Coach Plan in your home today!

The Parent Coach Plan is a highly effective, in-home discipline program that helps parents turn household chaos into household harmony. The program is modeled after the highly successful discipline programs used in residential facilities that treat children with behavior problems. It was created by a Youth Treatment Specialist that spent time working in two such facilities.

Why is The Parent Coach Plan the right solution for you?

  • It is simple to set up and implement.
  • There is not a lot of reading involved.
  • It is effective with all kinds of behavior problems.
  • Parents and children work with each other, not against.
  • It is one of the least expensive programs of its type.
  • One program can be used for all of your children.

“Isn’t this just another behavior chart?” you might be asking yourself.

The Parent Coach Plan is much more than “just a typical behavior chart.” It is a valuable and proven discipline plan that helps parents achieve their true parenting potential. Along with the discipline program, The Parent Coach Plan includes:

An “information and reference” section that provides parents with useful information and advice related to parenting and discipline.

A “coping-skills” section that teaches emotional management techniques to children. These techniques can then be used by children to manage difficult feelings and/or to cope with the everyday challenges of life.

A “tools” section that equips parents with a clever set of worksheets, charts, and checklists that will help parents provide structure and consistency in their daily routines.

Plus, customers that purchase The Parent Coach Plan will get a FREE download of our exclusive Behavior Management Package.

Benefits of The Parent Coach Plan:

  • One plan will cover all children in the family
  • It can be completely customized to fit the specific needs of each child
  • Coil binding allows for easy photocopying of necessary pages
  • It can be read and implemented in less than a couple of hours
  • Designed more as a “manual” than as a book (no long chapters to read!)
  • Pages are 8.5 x 11″ for easy reading

REMEMBER: Customers who purchase The Parent Coach Plan can download our Behavior Management Package for FREE!