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Simple Tips for Dealing with Difficult Students

Teaching difficult students can take the wind from the sails of even the finest teacher.

frustrated teacher

Student behavior problems not only affect the teacher, but they distract those students that truly want to learn. Disruptive students take time and energy away from the teacher and this leaves less time for teaching and learning. Difficult students also put a damper on the mood of the classroom.

An effective teacher will recognize and address disruptive students immediately. If the student has parents that are involved in their child’s education, then a phone call home may be effective as an intervention. Some parents, however, are less involved and will almost certainly do nothing to minimize their child’s negative classroom behavior. In these instances, it is important to find a consequence that makes an impact.

For some students, the negative attention that they receive from the teacher is actually a motivator. Sometimes, a subtle approach is more successful. A simple “meet me after class” will often do wonders, especially if said out loud in class. Also, children value their free time and taking it away from them can be very effective.

Behavior assignments are also a great deterrent. Try creating a worksheet that asks general questions such as:

  1. What rule did you break? Why?
  2. What is your plan for behaving more appropriately next time?
  3. How does your behavior affect others?
  4. Write an apology to those that were affected by your behavior.
  5. Why is it important to follow the rules?

Keep several photocopies of these “behavior assignments” around and hand them out as needed to difficult and/or disruptive students. Perhaps you could even remove a special privilege from the student until he or she completes the assignment.

Student contracts are another great way to motivate students that could use a little “nudge” to behave better in class. Student contracts set the classroom expectations then describe the rewards and consequences that go along with following (or not following) the contract. For some students, this is just the “nudge” they need.

You’ll find a student contract in each of the following contract packages:

And finally, try developing and implementing a classroom discipline plan that focuses on respecting others, following expectations, and behaving in a safe and appropriate manner. A well-executed classroom discipline plan can help to maintain structure and consistency for the students – and with these elements in place, your students are likely to benefit and behave in a more positive manner.

Good Luck!

Printable Parenting Tools and Child Discipline Tips!

This site was created for parents, teachers, and caregivers of all types that are looking for solutions to their “behaviorally challenged” children. We’re here to help you develop a style of discipline for your child that is firm, fair, consistent, and predictable.

Do you have a child that…

  • tests your limits?
  • pushes your buttons?
  • ignores the rules?
  • runs the household?

Would you like to put an end to your child’s…

  • constant arguing?
  • disrespectful behavior?
  • annoying habits?
  • sense of entitlement?

If you can relate to any of the questions above, then we think you came to the right place! 

The Parent Coach Plan is an in-home behavior management program designed to improve child behavior through the use of a structured “point system” similar to those used in residential treatment facilities that treat “behaviorally-challenged” children and teens.

This exclusive parenting program will provide you with all of the information, advice, and tools you’ll need in order to implement a simple and effective behavior management program in your home.

You’ll acquire the insight and confidence you need to finally reach your true parenting potential!

  • Nurture an environment of responsibility and respect
  • Strengthen your parent-child relationship
  • Establish firm, fair, consistent, and structured discipline
  • Hold your child accountable for his/her negative behavior
  • Develop new discipline strategies to address problem behaviors
  • Learn to communicate more effectively with your child or teen

Unlike some parenting programs, The Parent Coach Plan requires no college degree or special training to use and it can be easily implemented without breaking the bank.

discipline program

So how does The Parent Coach Plan work?

Parents need only to follow a simple set of steps in order to implement The Parent Coach Plan in their home.

  1. Parents determine the problem behaviors they want to target using the Checklist of Concerns.
  2. Behavioral goals are then assigned to the child using the provided List of Goals.
  3. Goals are written on the child’s Point Sheet then detailed on the Goal Descriptions worksheet.
  4. Rewards and consequences are determined on the child’s Contract for Rewards and Consequences.
  5. Points are assigned by the parent(s) each evening based on the child’s ability to meet the assigned goals.  These “points” are then documented on the child’s Point Sheet and monthly Calendar.
  6. Rewards and consequences are earned by the child based on his/her Contract for Rewards and Consequences.
  7. Parents then enforce the contract as stated!

That’s it!  It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s ready to be used shortly after purchase! 

All necessary forms are provided and detailed instructions are included as well.

Includes FREE printable parenting tools with purchase!

You read that correctly!  Along with your purchase of The Parent Coach Plan, you will receive a FREE download of our popular Behavior Management Package.

What is the Behavior Management Package?

The Behavior Management Package is an exclusive set of downloadable parenting tools that can be used individually or in addition to The Parent Coach Plan. 

The package includes…

  • A set of (8) prewritten behavior contracts
  • A behavior improvement chart
  • Our “Behavior Bucks” token economy system
  • A chore chart
  • And a “fill-in-the-blanks” behavior contract form

Again, The Behavior Management Package comes FREE with your purchase of The Parent Coach Plan…or you can purchase it separately (right here) for only $14.95. 

Why try The Parent Coach Plan?

This unique behavior program is as close as it gets to being an “instruction manual for your child.”  You won’t find any irrelevant psyco-babble or useless case studies in this program…just solid parenting advice, helpful discipline tips, and a fabulous in-home behavior program!

What now?

Parents: Ready to Elevate Your Parenting Game?


Parenting is tough!

There are a few crucial components that must be in place if parents wish to effectively manage their child’s difficult, annoying, defiant, and/or inappropriate behaviors.  These components are quite literally a recipe for positive parenting.

What are the “components” that parents need?

  • They need a strong, dedicated support system
  • They need smart, straightforward advice when needed
  • They need patience, dedication, and a good deal of common-sense
  • They need useful, informative resources
  • and they need practical, effective parenting tools

What kind of “parenting tools?”

There are a wide range of exceptional parenting tools available to parents – but there’s one in particular that deserves some special attention: The Parent Coach Plan

The Parent Coach Plan is a comprehensive and easy-to-use behavior management tool with many labels.  It can be referred to as a…

Parenting ProgramDiscipline Program
– Child Discipline Plan– Parenting System
– Behavior Program– Behavioral “Point System”

Whatever you choose to call it – the objective is the same:  to improve child behavior through the use of an in-home behavior management system designed to help parents instill a firm, fair, consistent, and structured discipline regimen.

Basically, the philosophy behind it is that BETTER PARENTING = BETTER BEHAVIOR

Why Try a Child Behavior Program?

Why not? 

A well-utilized behavior program provides structure and consistency in the home. 

Children have a tendency to respond well to structure and consistency.

A detailed behavior program helps to establish firm limits and clear expectations.

This creates less confusion and less ambiguity regarding household rules.

A well-thought-out behavior program holds children accountable for their negative behavior.

There’s no more “getting off easy!”

A customizable behavior program can be modified to meet the various/changing needs of the child.

New issues or behaviors appearing?  No problem – simply adjust the program as needed!

How much time and effort are required to set up and use the program?

Both are simple. 

The program can be set up and ready to use within a short period of time – usually less than 30 minutes!  After that, there is only a minimal amount of effort needed each day/evening in order to effectively utilize the program in your home.

Parenting Classes or a Child Discipline Program?  Which is Better?

Parents are often faced with new challenges and difficult decisions as their parenting journey progresses.  New issues are constantly arising as their children grow and change during each stage. 

One of the ways that parents can address the issues that they are constantly facing is to attend a parenting class.  Parenting classes can be attended in-person or they can be attended online – either as an actual class or as a series of videos and/or readings that can be watched/read at the attendees discretion.

Parenting classes offer a wide range of topics – from managing discipline to time management and from  parental responsibilities to family meeting tips.  Many classes cover a variety of age groups, while others focus on a specific age group or area of concern.

These classes provide an opportunity for parents to learn about common challenges and find the tools or techniques needed to address them.

Though they can be pricy and inconvenient, parenting classes can also be interesting, informative, and beneficial. 

An excellent alternative to parenting classes is to try implementing a child discipline program in the home.  An effective child discipline program can teach parents what they need to know to improve child behavior and to establish a discipline regimen that is firm, fair, consistent, and structured.

The Parent Coach Plan is one such program.  It provides parents with a practical, easy-to-use, and highly effective behavior management system designed to improve child behavior.

If you are considering attending a parenting class, then why not try a child discipline program?  Both are informative and beneficial – but the child discipline program is an actual parenting tool that can be put in place rather quickly and with minimal effort – and possibly with better results!

Complete Parenting Solutions also offers a free set of behavior contracts and other parenting tools with any purchase of The Parent Coach Plan.  Best of all, the program can be purchased as a digital download – which means you can get started right away!  Click here to learn more!

Creating and Using an Effective Behavior Chart

A well-designed behavior chart is a simple and effective parenting tool that can help to improve child behavior. When a child is rewarded for positive behavior then he or she is more likely to repeat that behavior.  Likewise, if a restriction or negative consequence is earned, then that child will do his or her best to avoid that behavior.

Creating an effective behavior chart is rather simple.  Here are a few steps to get you started:

1.  Decide which behaviors you would like for your child to start or stop.  A start behavior is one that you want your child to start displaying (such as using manners, completing a specific task/chore, or using a respectful voice-tone) while stop behaviors are those that you want your child to stop doing (such as cussing, arguing, interrupting, etc.).

2.  Make a list of about 4-5 behaviors that you would like for your child to work on each day.  Place this list of behaviors on your child’s behavior chart (the chart should consist of a column down the left-hand side of the page which includes the list of behaviors – then one space or checkbox for each day of the week (7 total) to the right of each listed behavior.

3.  Decide on the rewards and consequences that will be earned and write those at the bottom oof the behavior chart.  It is best to get input from your child as to what he or she will be motivated to work towards – or to avoid.

4.  Discuss the behavior chart with your child.  Use this time to explain the expectations of each behavior listed on the behavior chart.

5.  Put the behavior chart into effect.  Be firm, fair, and consistent while enforcing the behavior chart.

With an effective behavior chart in place, parents can set firm boundaries while establishing clear expectations for behavior.  It is a simple way to keep track of rules and expectations…as well as consequences and rewards.

If you are looking for a highly effective in-home behavior chart that improves child behavior – and takes things a step further than your typical behavior chart – then give The Parent Coach Plan a try!  It’s more than just a behavior chart – it’s a behavior program!