11 Tips for Being a Good Friend

good friend
  1. Be considerate. Being considerate means that you are being thoughtful and kind.  Make sure to always take your friend’s feelings into consideration when making a decision that affects him or her.  Avoid doing things that will lead to hurt feelings or resentment.
  2. Be willing to make sacrifices for your friend. This means doing things for your friend that you might not otherwise want to do.  Maybe you play a game that he or she wants to play even though you aren’t really interested in playing it.
  3. Be supportive. Support your friend in any way you can.  If he plays a sport and you go to his game, then cheer him on and root for his team.  If your friend has a cause that she believes very strongly in, then you could show support by joining her in furthering that cause.  There are many ways in which you can support your friends.
  4. Be understanding. It helps to understand your friend’s moods and to know a little bit about what he or she has gone through in their life.  The better you know your friend the easier it is to understand him or her.
  5. Remember the things that are important to your friend. A good friend should know such things as what their friend’s favorite color, song, singer, band, foods, activities (and so on) are.
  6. Be a good listener. Good listeners make good friends.  Provide encouragement if your friend needs it.
  7. Avoid gossiping or talking behind your friend’s back. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to LOSE a friend.  Be careful what you say.
  8. Be positive. Nobody wants to hang out with someone that drags them down.
  9. Be willing to put your friend first at times. Let her go first when playing a game or allow him to make decisions about the things you are doing.  Avoid being selfish or greedy.
  10. Be loyal. Being loyal means that your friend can trust you.  It also means that you are dedicated and devoted to your friend.  You stick by your friend “through thick and thin.”
  11. Keep your word. If you say you’ll do something, then do it.  Be reliable and dependable.