14 Truly Annoying Child Behaviors

annoying child behaviors

Annoying Child Behavior Problems

Ask any parent what child behaviors annoy them the most and I’d be willing to bet that at least 3 of the following behaviors will be towards the top of his or her list:

1.  Whining.  Probably the single most annoying child behavior known to man.  Worse than nails on a chalkboard…way worse!

2.  Dawdling.  There’s nothing that grinds my gears more than when my daughter knows we are running late for a scheduled activity/event…yet she moves at a snail’s pace while getting her shoes on.

3.  Picky Eating.  Seriously, just try the darn pasta dish!  Eat half of your potatoes!  Finish your milk…actually, just finish anything!

4.  Tattling.  Unless someone is hurt or in danger, I don’t want to hear about it!

5.  Interrupting.  Yes, it is annoying when I am trying to talk on the phone only to be asked multiple questions!  Unless it’s an emergency, wait until I’m done doing what I’m doing!

6.  Bickering.  If your child is an “only child” then this may not be a problem…be thankful for that! 

7.  Ignoring.  Quite possibly the most passive-aggressive behavior a child can present a parent with.

8.  Manipulating.  It’s easy to tell when a child has mastered the art of manipulating…unless, of course, it’s your own child.

9.  Rough-housing.  This behavior is even a bigger problem when it occurs in the house!  Take it outside!

10.  General carelessness.  Spilling things, knocking things over, accidentally breaking things, not paying attention…you know the type! 

11.  Constantly asking for things.  No, you can’t have another popsicle; No, you can’t walk to the store alone; No, you can’t have cake for breakfast; No, no, no!  What?  Yes, you can have a banana.

12.  Pouting.  This behavior is really nothing more than “silent whining.”  Still annoying and still a problem behavior as far as I’m concerned.

13.  Constantly “bored.”  Any time my kids complain that they are bored they get the following choices: find something to do, be bored without complaining, or complain again and I will find something for you to do (cue highly-involved, labor-intensive chore).

14.  Poor boundaries.  We all know a child that annoys others by “snatching,” getting into the personal space of others, and/or who is overly “touchy-feely.”  Not only are these behaviors annoying, but they can also be signs of other problem behaviors.

Can you think of any that I missed?  What is the most annoying behavior that YOUR child engages in?