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The Parent Coach Plan... A Simple and Effective Parenting Program

Behavior Program Implement this simple and effective discipline program in your home and enjoy the gratification you'll get from your child's improved behavior. Your child's challenging behaviors will become a thing of the past because of the structure and consistency that this program delivers.

The Parent Coach Plan will change the way you administer discipline. You'll be provided with the confidence and insight that is needed to become a more highly effective parent. Isn't it time to transform your chaotic household into one that is calm and orderly?

What is The Parent Coach Plan?

The Parent Coach Plan is an in-home discipline program that borrows much of its ideas and methods from those that are used each day in reputable treatment centers across the country. The creator of The Parent Coach Plan was once employed in a facility that treated some of the most "behaviorally challenged" children in the state. The facility had a highly structured discipline system that it utilized very successfully. The Parent Coach Plan is based on that system. It is a wonderful parenting tool now being used by parents around the world.

Thank you! We've been using your program for three weeks now. We are already seeing results. The ripple effect has been amazing too! I just had a meeting with my son's school. They wondered what had been switched in him because he's improving there too!!!! I can't thank you enough.

Samantha Bachechi - Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Four Elements of Discipline

To be effective, discipline must be firm, fair, consistent, and predictable. The Parent Coach Plan helps you achieve these goals by providing you with a simple and proven discipline plan. The plan allows you (the parent) to choose the behavioral goals that you want your child to work towards then puts you in control of evaluating the results and administering the consequences, whether positive or negative.

Not Just for Parents!

This program was initially designed for parents, but that doesn't mean that others can't benefit from it as well. Along with parents, our customers include many child therapists, family support workers, school counselors, day care owners, social workers, and even child psychologists. One county found this program to be a valuable training tool for their foster parents and wound up purchasing thirty copies!

Imagine how helpful a program like this would be if it were offered to members of a support group or parenting class.

Not Just a Discipline Plan!

The Parent Coach Plan is much more than just a discipline plan. It also contains a wealth of parenting information, advice, and tools that are easy to read and just as easy to follow. There is no psychobabble contained anywhere in this program - anyone can use it.

Any customer that purchases The Parent Coach Plan will also receive a free download of our popular Behavior Management Package. This downloadable package contains three highly effective parenting tools which can be printed off and used immediately after payment.

You'll receive each of these FREE downloads immediately after your purchase of The Parent Coach Plan (an $14.95 value):

  • Behavior Contracts - An exclusive set of six pre-written behavior contracts, covering topics such as respect, responsibility, chores, character, safety, and school-related behavior. These contracts are great for all ages (over five years-old).
  • Behavior Chart System - This behavior chart takes things a step further by including a detailed list of expected behaviors along with a "privilege contract" that specifies the privileges and restrictions that are earned based on your child's behavior. This behavior chart is ideal for younger children but can also be used with teens and pre-teens.
  • Behavior Bucks - Positive reinforcement at its best! Behaviors Bucks are fun and easy to use... kids enjoy earning them as much as parents enjoy the positive behavior they bring about.

    Benefits of The Parent Coach Plan

    Flexibility. Change your child's goals as necessary, or add your own. Increase or decrease the number of points that are needed to earn privileges. Alter the program as necessary to bring about the best results.

    Simplicity. The instructions are straight-forward and the program can be implemented very soon after it is received.

    Effectiveness. Similar programs have been used successfully in reputable child treatment centers throughout the country.

    What Parents Will Learn...

  • How to establish firm limits and clear boundaries
  • How to hold your child accountable for negative behavior
  • How to communicate more openly and effectively
  • How to create a highly-structured and consistent
        home environment

  • Behavior Chart System What Your Child Will Learn...

  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Self-discipline
  • Emotional Management
  • Respect

  • Details of The Parent Coach Plan

  • One plan covers all children in the family (simply photocopy extra pages for each child).
  • Each plan can be designed to fit the specific needs of each individual child.
  • Coil binding allows for easy photocopying of necessary pages.
  • Plan can be read and implemented in less than an hour (in most cases).
  • Plan is designed more as a "manual" than as a book (no long chapters to read!).
  • Pages are 8.5 x 11" for easy reading.
  • This is not a computer program and involves no software.
  • Purchase includes free behavior contracts, behavior chart system, and Behavior Bucks.

  • Contents of The Parent Coach Plan

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