Parenting Advice


Hygiene Chart
Motivate your child to keep track of his/her daily hygiene.

Temperament Scale
Rate your child with regards to each of the nine elements of temperament.

Checklist of Concerns
Use this list to identify your child's emotional and behavioral problems.

Weekly Parenting Goals
Become a better parent by working on these parenting goals each week.

Broken Rule Assignment
Assign this worksheet to your child when he or she continuously breaks a rule.

Emotion Scales
Use these scales to find out your child's level of anger, sadness, anxiety, etc.

Household Expectations
List your child's household expectations on this simple form.

Behavioral Progress Report
How did your child do today at school or at daycare? Find out by using this progress report.

Promoting Your Child's Education
This is a list of the simple and necessary steps that can be taken to promote your child's education.

Running an Effective Family Meeting
Weekly family meetings are a terrific way to bring the family together to solve problems and discuss issues.

Raising a Street Safe Child (Tips from the Brighton Police Dept. in Colorado)
Keep your child safe by following the safety guidelines listed on this page.

Would You Rather...?
A fun little "discussion" game to play with your child. You'll be surprised at what you will learn.

Family Meeting Discussion Topics
Here are some fun questions to ask your child. Do you know how he or she will answer?

Things to Ponder
Fill in the blanks as they relate to your parenting experience.

Are you a "Plugged-In" Parent?
Answer these questions to determine how well you truly know your child. Think you can pass this "quiz?"

Parenting Contract
This parenting agreement defines what it means to be a parent. Sign this contract and show you care.

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