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Article: Free Chore Chart

Dear Parent,

  • Are you looking for a way to motivate your child so that he or she will complete chores as assigned?
  • Do you need a way to keep better track of which chores have and have not been completed around the house?
  • Have your kids been getting a free ride for too long?

  • Thanks for visiting our site and for checking out our FREE CHORE CHARTS!

    Though our site also sells a variety of inexpensive parenting products and downloadable parenting tools, we recognize that not all parents can afford to purchase such charts, even if the price is low. We therefore decided to offer the following chore charts for free in the hopes that they will help parents with the daunting task of trying to motivate their children to do their part around the house. After all, every family member should have his or her own responsibilities and chores to take care of.

    A structured chore regimen will teach your child responsibility and accountability. It will also teach the importance of working together as a team with the purpose of keeping the house clean and functioning properly.

    The free chore charts are available for download by simply clicking on one of the thumbnails below then printing off what you need.

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    Chore Chart free chore chart

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