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Here is a list of actual headlines ripped straight from the World Wide Web. The headlines document the overall results of various studies related to parenting and/or child discipline. My reason for posting this list of headlines is explained afterwards.

New Study Shows Strict Parenting Can Lead to Drug Abuse
Parents Who Promote Less Rigid Lifestyles for Children Prove More Effective
Strong Bonds WithParents Linked To Better Future Relationships
'Helicopter' Parents Have Neurotic Kids, Study Suggests
Depression Likely to Cause Difficulties in Parenting: Study
Children of overbearing parents more likely to go off the rails: UK Study
One in 28 US kids has a parent in prison: study
The longer parents smoke, the more likely their kids will, too: study
Study: Same-sex couples just as good, if not better, at parenting
Parents often spank out of anger and for trivial reasons, real-time study finds
National Study: Mobile Devices Are Changing Parenting, Childhood, And Family Values
Study: 'Tiger Parenting' Tough on Kids
Parents on Smartphones Ignore Their Kids, Study Finds
Single-Parent Kids More at Risk
Yelling At Kids Could Be Just As Harmful As Physical Discipline, Study Suggests
Harsh discipline fosters dishonesty in young children, study suggests
The best parents balance discipline with love: study
Parents: Yelling and swearing at teens can backfire
Study: Verbal, Physical Abuse Have Similar Effects OnChildren

Now for the reason that I posted this list: Do ANY of the "findings" surprise you? I'd say that basically ALL of these studies are simply confirming what any logical, thinking person already knows. I'm sure that a lot of time, energy, and effort went into these studies - next time save yourself the time and effort - just ask me and I'll tell you what your results will be.

Okay, so I'm really not THAT arrogant. My point is this: I look up a lot of information related to parenting and child discipline because of the websites I run. I come across a lot of these "studies" that basically tell me a lot of what I already know. I would love to come across some more creative studies with some more surprising findings - that's all.

Did any of the above headlines actually surprise YOU?

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