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Has behavior management become a full-time job in your home?

Does your child struggle with rules and expectations throughout the day?

Are you ready to establish an effective discipline regimen with your child?

If you can relate to any of the questions above then we like to think we can help! After all, behavior management and child discipline shouldn't take the enjoyment out of parenting. It's time to take charge - and we believe that the tools and information we offer here are the first step towards doing so.

What is the purpose of this site?

We created this site as a one-stop shop for printable parenting tools, behavior management products, and child discipline information. Our mission is to provide overwhelmed parents with the tips, tools, and advice that they need to become more confident and effective with regards to their parenting.

What does this site have to offer?

We offer a variety of free printables for parents as well as an exclusive in-home behavior program and a Behavior Management Package (which includes an original set of prewritten behavior contracts, a behavior improvement chart, and an in-home token economy system... plus more!).

You'll also find links to our affiliate sites where additional behavior management products can be purchased - including a set of teen-specific behavior contracts and a comprehensive "Parenting Tools Package" (which includes a number of helpful tools all in one convenient download).

What can I do to improve my parenting and discipline practices?

Well, you're here aren't you? That means that you have already taken the first step! You have sought help...and that IS indeed the first step!

Next, you can work towards creating an environment for your child that is consistent, structured, and peaceful. You can provide discipline that is firm, fair, and predictable. You can open the lines of communication between you and your child. You can teach your child valuable coping-skills and conflict resolution techniques. You can set clear expectations and firm boundaries.

The products and downloads on this site (and on our affiliate sites) can help you to achieve each of these easily attainable parenting goals!

Will any of these products fix my child's behavior problems?

Obviously, we can't make that claim - but we CAN tell you this:

"Children tend to respond more positively to discipline that is effective. Effective discipline is firm, fair, consistent, and structured...and these are the very characteristics we promote with our products."
Will it fix your child's ADHD or Conduct Disorder? Probably not. You will likely see an improvement, but chances are it will not "fix" the problem. An improvement, however, is an improvement...and that is a good thing!

Want to learn more about The Parent Coach Plan?

This in-home discipline program employs a common sense approach to behavior management using a variety of practical parenting techniques that truly work!

  Improve your child's behavior
  Decrease incidents of misbehavior
  Re-establish the authority you once had
  Create a positive family environment

The Parent Coach Plan is like the instruction manual that the hospital never gave you! This unique and proven program helps to eliminate problem behaviors such as:

Defiance Negative Attention-Seeking Sibling Rivalry
Rudeness School Problems Lack of Motivation
Annoying Behaviors Anger Outbursts Irresponsibility

...and much more!

If you're ready to regain the authority you once had with your child then The Parent Coach Plan will boost your confidence, increase your effectiveness, and put you back in the driver's seat!

The Parent Coach Plan can be completely customized to fit the needs of each child and one program will cover all the children in your family.

Learn how to systematically monitor and manage your child's behavior by following a few simple steps each evening.

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Want to learn more about Our Affiliates?

Contract Teen Behavior Contracts
Pre-written behavior contracts specifically oriented towards teens. Download the full package, which also includes a discipline program.

Contract Adult Child Living At Home?
Our "Boomerang Kids" contract helps parents that still have an adult child living at home. Minimize arguments and set clear limits for your boomerang kid.

Toolbox Parenting Tools Package
An exclusive set of 10+ parenting tools that are all available in ONE convenient download! Contracts, charts, worksheets, and a variety of other helpful tools that improve child behavior!

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