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Child Discipline Plan

"An Instruction Manual for Your Child"

Behavior Program
    • Ready to eliminate your child's problem behaviors?
    • Do you wish your child came with an instruction manual?
    • Looking for ways to improve your parenting skills?

    Look no further!

    The Parent Coach Plan is like the instruction manual that the hospital never gave you!
    This unique and proven discipline program helps eliminate problem behaviors such as:

Defiance Negative Attention-Seeking Sibling Rivalry School Problems Lack of Motivation
Rudeness Annoying Behaviors Anger Outbursts Irresponsibility   ...and much more!

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What is The Parent Coach Plan?

The Parent Coach Plan is an in-home child behavior program that provides parents with the information, advice, and tools that are necessary to establish firm, fair, consistent, and structured discipline for their children.

The ideas and methods used in The Parent Coach Plan were borrowed from those that are used each day in nationally recognized therapeutic treatment centers that address child behavior problems. The creator of The Parent Coach Plan was once employed in a facility that treated some of the most "behaviorally challenged" children in the state. The facility had a highly structured discipline system that it utilized very successfully. The Parent Coach Plan is based off of that system.

Who Uses The Parent Coach Plan?

The Parent Coach Plan is not just for parents. Though it was initially designed as a parenting tool, we've had many professionals that have also benefited from its use.

Child therapists, family support workers, school counselors, day care owners, social workers, and even pediatricians have used this program to benefit those that they work with.
This program has even been used as a training tool for foster parents and as follow-up treatment for children coming out of residential treatment.
Imagine how helpful a program like this would be if it were offered to members of a support group or as a supplement to a parenting class.

Child Discipline Program

The Four Elements of Discipline

To be effective, discipline must be firm, fair, consistent, and predictable. The Parent Coach Plan helps you achieve these goals by providing you with a simple and proven discipline plan. The plan allows you to choose the behavioral goals that you want for your child then puts you in control of evaluating the results and administering the consequences (whether positive or negative).

Not Just a Behavior Chart!

The Parent Coach Plan is much more than just a behavior chart. It is a comprehensive Discipline Plan which also contains a wealth of parenting information, advice, and tools that are easy to understand and which can be easily incorporated into any family's daily routine.

  No psychobabble
  No difficult-to-understand concepts
  No irrelevant content

Free Behavior Contracts and Chart!

Purchase The Parent Coach Plan and you'll receive a FREE download of our popular and highly-effective Behavior Management Package (a $14.95 value!). This free download consists of five individual parenting tools which can be printed off and put into place immediately after payment.

Behavior Contracts - An exclusive set of six pre-written behavior contracts, covering topics such as respect, responsibility, chores, character, safety, and school-related behavior. These contracts are great for all ages (over five years-old).
Behavior Chart System - This behavior chart takes things a step further by including a detailed list of expected behaviors along with a "privilege contract" that specifies the privileges and restrictions that are earned based on your child's behavior. This behavior chart is ideal for younger children but can also be used with teens and pre-teens.
Behavior Bucks - Positive reinforcement at its best! Behaviors Bucks are fun and easy to use... kids enjoy earning them as much as parents enjoy the positive behavior they bring about.
Behavior Contract Form Our "Behavior Contract Form" is similar to the behavior contracts listed (and pictured) above; only this one is a "fill in the blank" contract. Parents can customize this contract to fit the specific needs of their child or teen.
Chore Chart Our chore chart covers daily and weekly chores to assure no chore goes undone! Incorporate privileges (rewards) and restrictions (consequences) into the equation and this chart just might put an end to the laziness, procrastination, and excuses you've endured over the years.

Benefits of The Parent Coach Plan

Flexibility. Change your child's goals as necessary, or add your own. Increase or decrease the number of points that are needed to earn privileges. Alter the program as necessary to bring about the best results.
Simplicity. The instructions are straight-forward and the program can be implemented very soon after it is received.
Effectiveness. Similar programs have been used successfully in reputable child treatment centers throughout the country.

"Learning and implementing effective discipline techniques is something many parents are concerned with. As a practitioner, I want to be able to supply parents with comprehensive information, and tools that are easy to apply. Mr. Theisen has provided all of the critical components involved in teaching and learning positive discipline in his Parent Coach Plan."                                                                                                                                              ~ Parenting Coach Joan French, M.A, NCC
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"Thank you! We've been using your program for three weeks now. We are already seeing results. The ripple effect has been amazing too! I just had a meeting with my son's school. They wondered what had been switched in him because he's improving there too!!!! I can't thank you enough." ~ Samantha Bachechi - Colorado Springs, Colorado
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* Each purchase comes with the FREE set of downloads listed above. Free package includes behavior contracts, behavior chart, Behavior Bucks, behavior contract form, and chore chart. All downloads are in PDF format.

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