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A behavior contract is a simple and effective behavior management tool that can be used by parents or teachers to eliminate the problematic behaviors of their children or students. A well-written contract can motivate even the most stubborn child to behave in a positive and appropriate manner. is now offering a unique set of behavior contracts created for parents who are looking to incorporate a higher level of structure with their children.

What is a Behavior Contract?
A behavior Contract is a written agreement that defines the behavioral expectations of a particular individual (or group of individuals). When the expectations are met, the individual typically receives a reward or privilege. When the expectations are not met, the individual typically receives a consequence or "penalty."

What are the benefits of using a Behavior Contract?
  • They create an environment that is fair and predictable
  • They establish clear and consistent expectations
  • They motivate children to behave appropriately
  • They allow parents and children to work towards a mutual goal

  • What will my child learn by using a Behavior Contract?
    Behavior contracts teach...

      Accountability  Initiative(doing things without being asked)
      Self-Discipline  Obedience (following rules and directions)
      Responsibility  Trustworthiness (earning trust)

    Our behavior contracts are fully customizable and can be updated or changed as needed (all you have to do is print off another one!).

    We provide you with the format and several behavioral examples then allow you to set the guidelines that work best for you and your child. Better behavior is only a signature away!

    A well-designed behavior chart provides the structure and motivation that your child needs to become a more independent and well-behaved child. It will also help you to systematically monitor and improve his or her behavior. is proud to offer our innovative new chart system which can be used each day to establish firm limits and clear expectations in your home. The chart is unique because it consists of three separate pages that work together to provide your child with a foundation of structure and consistency. With these elements in place, you're sure to restore peace and harmony in your home.

    Benefits of the Behavior Chart System:

  • The whole system can be downloaded immediately!

  • Print off as many as you need - one for each child!

  • Includes an instruction page and sample "privilege contract."

  • The behavior chart system comes FREE with your purchase of
        The Parent Coach Plan or the Behavior Contracts package.
  • Behavior Charts

    Our chart system takes you a step further than those vague and ineffective charts you typically come across in books or online. Give it a try, you're sure to get results!

    Behavior Bucks help families to incorporate a token economy into their daily routines. A token economy is a form of behavior modification in which an individual is rewarded with "tokens" for positive and appropriate behavior. The "tokens" can then be cashed in for valued privileges or rewards. It's a simple but effective concept.

    This system will motivate your child to behave in a positive and appropriate manner. You'll enjoy watching as he or she begins to take initiative around the house and you'll also appreciate his or her desire to earn special privileges by becoming more responsible and helpful.

    Incorporate Behavior Bucks into your routine. You'll be glad you did!
    Behavior Bucks

    Our "Behavior Contract Form" is similar to the behavior contracts listed (and pictured) above; only this one is a "fill in the blank" contract. Parents can customize this contract to fit the specific needs of their child or teen.

    This contract covers basic household expectations and is more "general" than the others included in the package. It encourages positive character traits such as respect, responsibility, and honesty and also allows parents to list specific rules regarding other important topics.


    Whether it's "taking out the trash" or "walking the dog," this chore chart helps keep track of what was done and what was neglected. The chart is easy to use and it provides a visual representation of just how responsible and helpful your child is around the house (or it could expose just how irresponsible and unhelpful your child is). We certainly hope for the former!

    Our chore chart covers daily and weekly chores to assure no chore goes undone! Incorporate privileges (rewards) and restrictions (consequences) into the equation and this chart just might put an end to the laziness, procrastination, and excuses you've endured over the years.


    Why purchase our Behavior Management Package?
  • They can be downloaded immediately!

  • You can print off as many as you need!

  • One set will cover ALL of your kids!

  • They can be customized for different age groups!

  • Child Behavior Chart

    For only $14.95, you'll receive a set of Behavior Contracts (all six versions), our highly effective behavior chart system, and our reproducible set of Behavior Bucks (with instructions). That's THREE unique products for less than 15 bucks!

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    NOTE: The Behavior Management Package comes FREE with your purchase of our home-based discipline program, The Parent Coach Plan (only $19.95 + s/h).

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