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Unique behavior chart system improves child behavior. It goes one step further than most behavior charts you will find.
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ParentCoachPlan.com is proud to offer an exciting new approach to behavior charts. We take the process a step further than those you would typically come across in parenting books or on the Internet.

Our system is implemented using a three-step process:

1.Complete the Behavior Expectations checklist to determine the expectations you have of your child (or come up with your own expectations).
2.Determine the privileges and/or consequences that will be earned based on your child's ability or inability to meet the expectations and write them on the Privilege Contract.
3.Complete the Behavior Chart at the end of each day and follow through with the Privilege Contract... it's that simple!

Your child will appreciate the structure and consistency that this system will bring. You'll be amazed at how simple and effective it really is.

Benefits of the Behavior Chart system:
  • One chart system will cover all of the children in your family.
  • Allows for flexibility to cover many behavior problems.
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Behavior Bucks and Contracts.
  • Can be downloaded and implemented immediately!

    This well-designed behavior chart will provide the structure and motivation that your child needs to become a more independent and well-behaved child.

    Also included: Instruction Sheet and Sample Privilege Contract

    Get this, PLUS the Behavior Bucks , Behavior Contracts, Behavior Contract Form AND Chore Chart!

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