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Behavior Management Plan

Our Behavior Management Package consists of FIVE unique parenting tools which promote positive behavior and help to eliminate undesirable behaviors.

Below is a list of the contents of our Behavior Management Package – which comes FREE with your purchase of The Parent Coach Plan – or feel free to purchase it on its own for only $15!


Behavior Contracts
Includes the Following Contracts:
1. Contract for Respect
2. Contract for Responsibility
3. Safety Contract
4. Managing Emotions
5. Contract for School
6. Character Contract
7. Following Directions
8. Specific Behaviors Contract

Our pre-written, printable behavior contracts will assure that your child knows his or her behavioral expectations as well as the rewards and/or consequences that will result from his/her efforts. Expect to see a decrease in negative behavior and an increase in positive behavior!


Behavior Charts
Benefits of this Chart:
1. Sets clear expectations
2. Establishes firm limits
3. Promotes accountability
4. Maintains consistency
5. Motivates children/teens
6. Teaches self-discipline
7. Easy to implement
8. Can be modified as needed

This well-designed behavior chart is a great way to monitor and record your child's conduct each week. It provides your child with a visible reminder each day as to what his or her expectations are and also provides the structure and motivation that your child needs to become a more independent and well-behaved child.


Behavior Bucks
Benefits of Behavior Bucks:
1. Establishes an in-home token-economy system
2. Promotes and encourages positive, prosocial behavior
3. Highly motivating and fun to use with children/teens
4. Encourages kids to take initiative and to be helpful

Behavior Bucks are designed to help parents implement a token economy into their daily household routine. You’ll appreciate just how simple, effective, and FUN this behavior management tool truly is!


Behavior Contract Form
This contract covers basic household expectations and is more "general" than the others included in the package. It encourages positive character traits such as respect, responsibility, and honesty and also allows parents to list specific rules regarding other important topics.


Behavior Contract Form
Our "Habit-Breaking" Chart is designed to help your child or teen break "that one annoying habit that he or she just can’t seem to extinguish!" Put an end to nail-biting, swearing, whining, door-slamming, chair-tipping, shoes on in the house, and so much more! No more going crazy over these annoyances!

* All downloads are in PDF format.
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