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Chris Theisen Creator of The Parent Coach Plan Chris Theisen is a Mental Health Specialist who earned his degree from the University of Northern Colorado in 1994. Since then he has spent over 10 years working directly with children who have been diagnosed with such problems as: ADHD, bipolar disorder, conduct disorder, oppositional-defiant disorder, PTSD, and autism. The Parent Coach Plan was developed through a combination of Chris' experience with these children, and the effects that he has seen by using behavior management programs in various facilities where he's worked.

Chris has read numerous parenting books and has come to the conclusion that, while many of these books contain useful information and good advice, none of them take the parent to the next step by actually helping to apply a useful discipline program for in the home. Chris developed The Parent Coach Plan, not as a book, but as a tool. The information is straight-forward and the program is effective and easy to use.

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