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Chris Theisen Creator of The Parent Coach Plan

John Boardman This site resulted from the combined passions of two grade-school friends looking for something "different" to do.

After graduating college, Chris Theisen's first job was as a Mental Health Worker in a facility that catered to some of the most challenging children in his state (Colorado). These children suffered from severe emotional and behavioral problems and many of them were aggressive and extremely defiant.

Meanwhile, John Boardman (a grade-school friend of Chris's) was working as a computer programmer and web designer in the state of Florida.

Chris and John reconnected several years after losing touch with each other and during a subsequent phone conversation, John mentioned that he was looking for website ideas to start a small "side-business."

Chris mentioned that he had an idea. While working in the facility where he worked, Chris had developed a behavior program which he would photocopy and give to parents of the children that he worked with. The program was designed to help parents maintain the same structure and consistency at home that their children were receiving in the facility where Chris worked.

The feedback from the parents who utilized the program was encouraging...and this motivated Chris to build on what he had already put together. Soon afterwards, with the help of John, both made the program available to parents all over the world as The Parent Coach Plan!

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